What is the best skateboard for a 7 year old?

Many parents often choose penny boards or cruisers for their 7-year-old kids. These types of boards are the easiest to get used to and safe for kids to play with.

Among all the choices out there, there are good ones and low-quality ones you should avoid. That’s why in this post, we will help guide you to the best skateboard for your kids.

Together, let’s check out the best choices right now!

Being stationary when doing tricks

Buying Considerations

Length & Width

A good skateboard length for kids is around 22 inches or slightly longer. The width around 6 to 7.5 inches is wide enough for the kids to place their feet.

Nose & Tail

If he or she is a beginner, it helps to choose a board with a slightly kicked-up nose and tail.

With a little elevation, they can control the board by pressing down on either end with their feet.

Flat board is also okay. This is good if the child wants to do some cruising on the pavement.

Grip tape

Oftentimes, if you’re shopping for a kid’s skateboard, you will find the deck equipped with a clear coat of grip.

Some other models do have a layer of grip tape. This is simply the sandpaper to provide more grip so your child won’t fall or slip.

Be sure to check if the board has good quality grip tape before buying.